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A Sunday out of town to visit Pompeii

Panorama di Pompei

Sunday is the perfect day for a trip out of town because you can take advantage of the closure of schools and offices to enjoy the most fascinating places of our beautiful Italy, in pairs or in groups with friends and relatives. If your intent is to spend a day that makes you live history, art, good food and fun, visit Pompeii is the best choice. Here you can admire an unrivaled artistic heritage, combining a trip to the archaeological walk to the Sanctuary and a succulent meal to the discover the traditional Neapolitan cuisine. During the year, moreover, there are a series of Sunday events that make the visit even more attractive.

 Free entrance to the excavations

Yes, every first Sunday of the month, thanks to the “Sunday at the Museum”, promoted by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, the entrance to the excavations is free for all. This year, the first Sunday of December falls in conjunction with the “National Day of archeology, the artistic heritage and restoration”, during which the House of Romulus and Remus, the House Triptolemus and sites that are located in modern Pompeii, in particular the Temple of Sant’Abbondio and the Sanctuary of the Fund Iozzino will be exceptionally open to the public. On December 7, therefore, an archaeologist of the Superintendence will be available to tourists who want to visit Pompeii for a guide to this mentioned areas.

 Shrine: not only celebrations

[cml_media_alt id='4793']Orari Presepi del Santuario di Pompei[/cml_media_alt]

The sanctuary has a rich program of Sunday celebrations. From 06.00 to 20.00 it is possible, in fact, to attend the SS. Mass celebrated at the Main altar and visit the underground crypt and the high bell tower, which offers a panoramic view of the archaeological site, Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples.

On Sunday – December 7, 2014 – also the inauguration of the Nativity Monumental Institute Bartolo Longo will open in the Marian city the season of the Neapolitan crib art, with installations that also affect other areas of the sanctuary, as the right aisle and Piazzale San John XXIII.

And the lunch break?

Visiting Pompeii, walking in the ancient city and the modern one, requires a good amount of energy. Why, then, do not refuel in one of the many restaurants in the city?

You can choose between different opportunities offered by Locali di Pompeii, but please note that in Naples on Sunday lunch is a balance point, a ritual during which you can taste the best recipes of the family, with particular attention to pasta dishes. Ban on fast food, then! If you fancy a typical Neapolitan meal at a fair price, you should try:

  • #RistorantHotel del Sole Pompeie Pizzeria del Sole, ideal for those peckish once at the exit from the excavations because it is located right in front of Piazza Amphitheatre. Among the specialties on Sunday, aims to often the Neapolitan lasagna, with its meat patties fried and dipped in tomato sauce, it fully represents the exclusivity of the Neapolitan cuisine;


  • # hcca24: Here you will have a way to enjoy, among many dishes, paccheri with swordfish, shrimp and provolone, topped with fresh tomato and finished with rocket. A dish with the colors of the Italian flag that embodies the tradition of the fish dPranzo a Pompei ristorante hcca24ishes, so dear to the Neapolitans. The restaurant is convenient for those who find themselves with an appetite whetted while visiting the Sanctuary or has started towards the center of Pompeii on foot or by car, which can easily stay in the free private parking.



Visiting Pompeii in a single day is simple because it is extremely well connected to all major Italian cities, highways and public transportation. It is, therefore, easily accessible by tourists coming from various regions. Lazio, Puglia, Basilicata, Molise, Calabria and Abruzzo on all. If, instead, live a little further – to the north or more down south – the solution is even more obvious … book an entire weekend! 😉

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