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What to see on the Amalfi Coast


You visited Pompeii, you loved it since the first step because of its excavations, with the many opportunities it offers to you in your spare time. Now you have decided to explore the surroundings of this city on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. You want to visit the seaside resorts that transform the Gulf of Naples into a jewel.
Well, if this is your wish, discover what to see on the Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast, which takes its name from the city of Amalfi, was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.
There are many treasures of the Coast. Vietri sul mare, famous all over the world for its handmade pottery, Maiori, Ravello with its breathtaking views and a long musical tradition, Scala, the oldest of the municipals areas, Atrani, smallest city in Europe with its 845 inhabitants, Conca dei Marini, Furore known for its fjords, Positano, the Pearl of the Amalfi coast and finally Tramonti with its huge green areas.

What to see on Amalfi Coast: stop a while in Maiori

Have you decided to take a few days to visit the Amalfi Coast? Well, I suggest you to get Maiori as a reference point, halfway between Salerno and Ravello.
This little village with a large beach side is well connected with other municipalities.
Its strategic location allows you to move quickly from one place to another.
And then, if you suddenly miss Pompeii you can cross the Chiunzi pass to reach it and visit the ruins of Herculaneum too.
This step is joy for the sight, it is nestled in the woods, in the mountains of the coast. You may take this opportunity to do some hiking.
By the way, always remember to wear comfortable shoes. If you want to enjoy the wonders of this area above the sea it is very important to feel at ease.

Amalfi Coast: steps to don’t miss

The milestone of this area is Amalfi, the Queen of the Gulf, such as Capri.
You’ll be amazed by its particular streets, the Cathedral in Baroque style and the paper mill, converted into a museum by Nicola Milano.
This building was used to fabricate the famous Amalfi paper, obtained from the mixture of linen, cotton and white hemp.
The most beautiful beaches, in addition to those near the centre, are dipped in nature and surrounded by dreamlike landscapes. They are accessible through long bleachers or by sea.

During your trip stop in Positano, famous for its colourful streets, gardens and beaches.
This village is known worldwide for its linen dresses. On the same side you will find Vietri sul mare. Once arrived there, buy as a souvenir a handmade pottery. Indeed, if you ha ve the opportunity, watch the craftsmen at work in one of the many workshops.

Between a curve and the other enjoy views of the Gulf and do not miss the small bays with their clear water. Among the most charming coves you’ll meet the fiord of Furore and the Emerald Grotto. And if your holiday is between May and September that’s even better: in Ravello there’s the Ravello Festival, a music festival that hosts international artists. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Ceramica Vietrese

Instagram photo by @letzar

The delights of the Amalfi Coast

Probably in your journey to discover the coast you’ll notice many cultivations of lemons.
These citrus fruits are symbolic of this land. They are used to make desserts, but above all to prepare the famous limoncello, a lemon-flavored sweet liqueur.
Instead, if you’re curious and you want to taste the cuisine of the place, the seafood are a real delicacy. There are many recipes whose main protagonists are: shrimps, redfish, red sea bream, yellowtail, octopus, fish and shellfish.
I suggest you to taste the Scialatielli with seafood and Pouring from Cetara, descendants of the Roman garum, a food that is always present in the kitchens of ancient Pompeians.
If you love desserts I suggest you to enjoy the cookies ofAmalfi and the zeppole di San Giuseppe. They are all handcrafted specialties.

Grotta Dello Smeraldo

Instagram photo by @mcvill

Do you have still some time before the end of your trip? Well you can choose whether you want to give yourself an excursion to Capri or Anacapri , or Sorrento.

How to reach the Amalfi Coast

  • From Naples by train: from Naples Central station take the Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento, from there depart the SITA bus to Amalfi and Coastal municipalities.
  • From Naples by car: take the A3 and pass for the SS163
  • From Pompei by car: take the A3 and proceed to the SS163
  • From Pompeii by train: from the railway station of Pompeii take the Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento and after take a SITA bus to Amalfi.

Your opinion
The Amalfi coast is a land rich in history and natural beauty, not forgetting the good food.
After visiting Pompeii it could be the ideal alternative to conclude your trip.
Did you visit the Amalfi Coast? Do you have any helpful suggestions? Write your experience in the comments below. And if you need to find your way to Pompeii and surroundings, use our Tourist Kit!

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