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Maria Riatti - Pompei

Dear friend, my name is Maria Riatti, in 2014 I created this blog with a group of friends of mine.

I live in a town near Pompeii and I am very familiar with this area.
I love travelling, exploring locations and territories, exploring all that can amaze my eyes, captivate my mind and evoke emotions for my soul.

I am a LOCAL TRAVEL EXPERT and thanks to my in-depth knowledge of the territory and to my experience in arranging travels,
I help other travellers to arrange their journey to Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius and the surrounding area.

My main goal is to give tourists directions, solutions and tips for organizing a DIY trip to discover an extraordinary territory offering a great combination between culture, nature, fun and good food.

Also, I created this online project with the ideal of giving a new face to a territory that despite its priceless heritage has incredible troubles in survivance.

Pompeii is known all over the world and the tourist flow that visits the city both for the archaeological site and for the pilgrimages to the Madonna of Pompeii, is of over 5 million tourists a year, but it’s a hit and run tourism that it does not permit visitors to enjoy these extraordinary beauties.

Here I want to make you understand that the city of Pompeii deserves a deepened visit and considering that this city is one of the most economic destinations of Italy, according to the classification of 2017 published by Trivago, it can be the ideal line of departure in order to visit the most famous places of Campania like Sorrento, the Amalfi coast, Naples, Caserta.

In this blog you’ll find:

  • Information and ideas for the tourist who’s visiting Pompeii or the Shrine of our Lady of Pompeii
  • Travel guides with all solutions to organize the diy trip
  • Suggestions and insights for itineraries, visits and interesting things to do near Pompeii, such as Mount Vesuvius, the seaside town of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.
  • Reviews of restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, bakeries, entertainments, local events, festivals: in short everything that can be useful to know about the place you are going on holiday

I thank all my friends and collaborators who help me carry this plan ahead, moved by a fervent passion for our land.

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If you have not found the information you’re looking for, send me your request below, I’ll be happy to help you plan your trip.

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