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Where to sleep in Pompeii: hotel, bed and breakfast or holiday farm?

Where to sleep in Pompei

Did you know that Pompeii welcomes each year about 2.5 million tourists? Its fascinating history attracts a huge number of visitors who come to visit the ruins of Pompeii and the Shrine. I bet you’re thinking about booking a holiday right in the town on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius.

But where to stay in Pompeii? What to choose between hotels, bed and breakfasts and farm? The offer is wide, it can fit any budget and respond to the needs of every traveler. Besides the hospitality in these parts is a sacred worship.

Pompeii is the heart of Campania, it is connected by three train stations and from here it’s easy to reach touristic countries close by, such as Herculaneum, Oplonti, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, Capri.

Even the writer of Moby Dick Herman Melville had no doubt between Paris and Pompeii. Here’s what he said: “Pompeii like any other town. Same old humanity. All the same whether one be dead or alive. Pompeii comfortable sermon. Like Pompeii better than Paris”.

Before choosing where to sleep, learn how to get and move in Pompeii.

Well, now you’re ready to go to the discovery of the structures tailored for you: from hotels to bed and breakfasts to the typical houses. In this article you will find answers to your questions and also some useful links.

Where to stay in Pompeii: better in the city centre?

Staying in the centre of the city is the ideal solution if you want to reach any place nearby within a short walking distance. You can dive into history and, at the same time, shopping and dive into the social life that Pompeii offers. Why not, you can let yourself be pampered like a Roman patrician in ancient Pompeii.

In any case, to stay a few kilometers from the centre is not a problem: the links are excellent.

Hotels in Pompeii

Most hotels in Pompeii (1 to 4 stars) are located in the city center, near Via Roma, Via Piave, Piazza Bartolo Longo – where the famous shrine stands – and along the main roads. These include via Lepanto, the heart of shopping, and via Plinio, where the two main entrances of the archaeological excavations are situated.

Of course the hotels in the city center and near the ancient ruins of Pompeii are more expensive, but if you book well in advance or in low season you can find good deals. Normally prices are around 70 euros for a 4 stars. In any case, prices cover a wide range and meet all requirements.

If you are undecided sobre to book I would leave you some advice on where to sleep in Pompeii: Pompei Resort, a 4-star hotel located just few minutes from downtown, near the archaeological excavations and the Shrine of the Virgin. If you drive you can reach it by taking the A3 motorway exit Pompei est-Scafati. The rooms are equipped with all the comforts, the restaurant inside offers quality products and a cuisine of typical flavors of the zone.

There is also the Hotel del Sole another 4-star hotel close to the ruins of Pompeii, just opposite the entrance. The hotel began to welcome the first tourists in the nineteenth century and it was very popular among travelers who visited the city during the Grand Tour.

This hotel based in Pompeii has a unique characteristic: amazing Suite rooms decorated in pompeian style with a breathaking sight above the Archaeological site.

Here you’ll feel like you’re living the history while you’re residing in a timeless place.
You can’t miss the restaurant/pizzeria where you will be allowed to taste the specialities of the partenopean kitchen but also a great pizza in Pompeii.

Staying at a B & B

The B & B, not always less expensive than  hotels, are located both in the centre and the surrounding areas, and represent an ideal alternative for families. These structures are usually family: so they are perfect if you love feeling always as at home and you can not give up to a cozy atmosphere. The price starts from 45 € up to a limit of about 100 euro.

Staying in a farm

Do you love animals, are you a free spirit in search of nature? Perhaps a holiday farm is the right choice. At a few kilometers from the centre there are several farms which, at reasonable prices, allow you to live a different holiday. Pompeii, in fact, is not just history and archaeological excavations but also outdoors, nature walks. A tip: if you are in a restaurant don’t give up to a glass of homemade limoncello.

Any questions?

If you still have any questions, if you want any clarification to understand where to sleep in Pompeii, leave your questions in the comments box below. We’ll try to help you the best we can.

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