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What to see in Salerno

You have visited the ruins of Pompeii. You have dived in the history of this pearl in the heart of Campania. You have discovered its wild face thanks to the excursions on Mount Vesuvius. Not only that. In the evening in your free time you have tasted its most mundane part. Now you would like to see the seaside resorts in the Gulf of Naples. Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi?
Which one should I choose?
This time I want to recommend Salerno, a city full of natural beauty and history.
Every year, during the Christmas period, it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world for its Luci di artista.
Real works of art are installed along the city streets, the result of the inspiration of artists from all over the world. Are you ready then? Find out what to see in Salerno.

A little of history

Before venturing into the boardwalk, you must know that Salerno has a great past.
It was known as Hippocratica Civitas, the City of Hippocrates. Do you know why? It was home of the first medical school in Europe at the beginning of the Middle Ages.
Today it has become an important university. Not only that. Salerno also hosted the Italian government in 1944 during World War II. It was a strategic point for the landing of the Allies.

The seafront of Salerno

This walk that runs along the sea is a balm for your soul.
Ideal activity if you visit the city in spring: it offers beautiful views of the Gulf of Salerno. Step by step you will feel the sun warming your skin and the sea breeze caressing your face.
At night this place turns into a meeting place for friends and a romantic stroll.
With your other half stop to listen to the lapping of the moonlit waves.
Also near the seafront is Piazza Flavio Gioia, a roundabout embellished by the statues of two dolphins. This particle emphasizes the strong bond of the city with the maritime traditions.

The historic centre of Salerno

The historic centre of Salerno is one of the best preserved in Italy. To get there just go to Piazza Antonio Gioia and take Via Mercanti.
Go through little streets and shops and take a look at the Museum of the Salerno Medical School, or at the Archaeologic museum and the Provincial art gallery. You’ll see a past rich of culture.
I also recommend a visit to the Cathedral in Gothic style. The building is preceded by marble stairs and two guardian sculptures depicting a lion and a lioness.
The cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of San Matteo, hosts the crypt of the evangelist Matteo and precious mosaics.

The Gardens of Minerva

Giardini Minerva Salerno

Foto su instagram di @anto.apu

To reach this little corner of paradise you have to cross the Cathedral, the Town Hall and proceed along Via Torquato Tasso. The Gardens of Minerva are located on the mountain of Canalone, to visit them you have to take a lift and pay an admission ticket.
The view that will embrace your eyes will leave you breathless: the entire Gulf of Salerno and the city. In addition, the Gardens host 300 species of plants and flowers.
Surrounded by greenery and many different fragrances you will also have the opportunity to taste infusions, macerated and typical biscuits.

The Lombard Castle of the Arechi

Castello Arechi Salerno

Photo on instagram by @nataliasavastano

What to see in Salerno? There is still a way to go before leaving the city. The Lombard Castle of the Arechi. This ancient building towers over the city and dominates the Gulf of Salerno and is associated with the Duke Arechi II.
Inside the fortress coins and ceramics were found, testifying that the building was inhabited.
Today these findings are part of a permanent exhibition.
And if you love trekking you are in the right place: the castle is surrounded by a park where you can let yourself go to this activity in complete tranquility.

How to get to Salerno

  • From Naples to Salerno by car: take the A3 and drive for about an hour.
  • From Naples to Salerno by train: from the Napoli Central station of Piazza Garibaldi you can take the fast regional train which only makes the main stops. The journey time is about an hour.
  • From the port of Naples there are SITA buses bound for Salerno.
  • From Pompeii to Salerno by car: just take the A3. It will take less than half an hour before arriving in the city.
  • From Pompeii to Salerno by train: from the Pompeii station, choose one of the direct trains to Salerno.

Your opinion

These are the main points of interest in Salerno. A little gem of sophisticated elegance in the rocks of the Amalfi Coast. Did you visit it? • Do you have any suggestions?
Leave it in the comments and let’s talk about it together.









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