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Relax in the shade of Mount Vesuvius: what to do in your free time in Pompeii

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Pompeii is famous for its incredible finds that the volcanic lava has guarded for millennia. Once arrived in the town on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, the excavations will take you back in time, you’ll definitely be left breathless. But Pompeii it’s not just ancient city and Roman artifacts. Here are some tips on what to do in your spare time.


You have just finished visiting one of the many attractions of Pompeii. You still have some time before deciding where to have dinner, but you do not know what to do? Don’t worry. Via Lepanto and Via Roma are a reference point for those who enjoy shopping in peace, Pompeii has a worldly soul: the arteries of the city centre teeming with people and boutiques. Elegant clothes, bizarre souvenirs of all kinds, reproductions of ancient artifacts or dedicated to the main attractions.

More info: how to get and move in Pompeii.

Happy hour in the city square

After walking between boutiques and craft shops, you can give yourself a little well-deserved relaxation in the streets of the centre, the perfect setting to experience the Pompeii “to drink”. You can enjoy a spritz at sunset, after all what kind of holiday would it be without a little of “doing nothing”. There are many locals in Pompei where you can enjoy aperitif. But remember that in our city the appropriate time for the aperitif is after 19.

Not far from the main square, you can reach the Hcca24 full enjoy bar where you can taste the cocktail “Pompeii”, created by the young barman Francesco Varnelli, with ingredients from the ancient Pompeii.


The life of this city, especially in summer, is full of events. Shows, culinary events: you just have to choose how to spend your free time in Pompeii.

Excavations at night are often the site of theatrical and musical performances, and with their unmistakable charm they are a show to not be missed. The first to notice it were perhaps the Pink Floyd, who in 1972 realized the concert- film Live at Pompeii.

Throughout the summer numerous events are planned, part of the Pompeii Festival, starring in the Grand Theatre of the excavations, the great classical music and the famous works as The Last Day of Pompeii by Giovanni Pacini, the Barber of Seville, La Bohème.


Do not forget that few hundred meters from Pompeii there is the sea, only a few steps and you can enjoy  the Gulf of Naples in all its glory. What could be better than a stroll along the promenade, maybe with a break in one of the restaurants that line these shores kissed by the gods? The sea, however, shows its best when you live it in person, here are some useful numbers to rent boats:

  • Pontile Porto Salvo: 081 870 8302
  • Navigandoincharter: 081 862 6634

These services are in the nearby Castellammare di Stabia, you can reach them from Pompei driving  onto the A3 / E45 or you can take the Circumvesuviana and stop at Castellammare di Stabia. It will take about 20 minutes.

Excursions on Mount Vesuvius

Do not forget the giant who guarded the Roman artefacts for two thousand years. A quiet nature walk, starting from the foot up to the cone of the volcano, it is ideal to get away a bit from the center and spend free time in Pompeii between nature and history. At the end of the walk awaits a panorama of incomparable beauty, you’ll be ecstatic.

With a single glance you can embrace Capri, Ischia, Naples, the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. You’ll feel like the god Jupiter that by a glance, according to the ancient Romans, could observe human action in its entirety.

There is a free shuttle service from Villa of the Mysteries to the entrance of the National Park of Mount Vesuvius. From then on the transport line will accompany you to the place where qualified mountain guides will lead you to the cone of the volcano, so do not be afraid to get lost, you’re in safe hands. In our page for trips to Mount Vesuvius you will find other useful information to organize at best.


The locals in Pompeii are open till late and suited to all your needs. Restaurants and bars allow you to dine, to enjoy an aperitif. If you want to have fun there are all the lounge bars, discos and nightclubs you need. Otherwise you can also move to nearby Naples, full of opportunities to spend a night in the name of the nightlife. You choose how to spend your evenings.

To mark: to move in and out at all hours of Pompeii, you can book a taxi to the number 081 863 2686. You may also need to have the number of the Post Office and other services: you can find everything on site

To do in your free time in Pompeii

This is our little guide to organize your free time in Pompeii. If you have additional questions you can leave them in the comments, this way it will be easy for us to satisfy your needs and answer your curiosity. On the other hand this is the advantage of reading a blog run by people who live in Pompeii;-)

To begin to find your way, you can download our free guide, or you can ask some specific information to organize your trip to Pompeii, between a spritz and a guided tour of the excavations.

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