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Spend your holiday in Pompeii means getting lost in the history of its excavations, immerse yourself in the culinary traditions, have much free time. But do not stop at this, once arrived in Pompeii, in the town on the slopes of Vesuvius, there’s more: the nature. From hiking trips to Mount Vesuvius along the Path of the Gods in the Sorrento Peninsula, Pompeii and its surroundings offer many options to those who decide to live at least one day wearing hiking boots. Here are some of the most appreciated paths for tourists from around the world.

Excursion on Mount Vesuvius

Since the era of the Grand Tour Vesuvius captures a particular interest in tourists from around the world. Once the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies was the privileged stage, and with him the cone of one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. Of course, centuries ago it needed a carriage for such excursions. But don’t worry, the technology is making headway.

Here’s how to move and other useful information for your excursion on the Vesuvius. The Vesuvius National Park covers over 8000 acres, in Italy it is the smaller one, but no less interesting: here there are in fact nine paths that you can choose.To climb Mount Vesuvius from Pompeii just take the bus company’s EAV. From Piazza Amphitheatre, passing along Via Plinio. Alternatively, the city of Pompeii offers a free shuttle that will take you to Villa of the Mysteries to the entrance of the National Park of Vesuvius. From there you will need to get on a second bus that will take you to the last accessible point by road, at an altitude of 1,050 meters.

Then you have to walk, otherwise what kind of hike would it be?

For the more difficult routes it is advisable to rely on an experienced guide. Remember to arm yourself with appropriate clothing to deal with the excursion: shoes and a jacket even in summer.

Now are you ready for this tour of Vesuvius?

Here are some of the most interesting tracks:

  • River of Lava: is a smooth path, nestled in the woods of chestnut, hazel and hornbeam blacks with a thick undergrowth of hawthorns. Passed a large step that opens on a narrow passage whose walls are evident pumice of 79 AD, you will come to an open space where you can admire a well of Bourbon period dedicated to the collection of rainwater. Afterwards you will be enchanted by the scents and colors of the Mediterranean: the yellow gorse, red valerian, the lilac shining scabious, the white of the wild carrot and centaury. After the stain you can finally look at the river of lava that was originated by the eruption of 1944. It has a silver color due to the presence of lichen Stereocaulon vesuvianum. You’ll feel like you find yourself in a lunar landscape. After the tour of Mount Vesuvius you will have the feeling of having lived a dream. Walking time: 1.30 hours


  •  Great Cone: with this excursion on Vesuvius you’ll  venture up to the mouth of the volcano and descend in the inside. An experience you will not forget. The trail starts from Piazzale in Ercolano, will proceed to a series of switchbacks that overlook Mount Somma, the Valle del Gigante and Colle Umberto. Later in front of you will see open a path that will lead you to the crater of the volcano, then you will return to the starting point. Hiking time: about 5 hours


  • The Valley of Hell: perhaps the most beloved among the trips to Mount Vesuvius. The Hell Valley track is one of the most scenic routes because it’s little wrought. Venturing into this place, you can observe the majesty of Vesuvius from below. It ‘a circular route that begins and ends in Ottaviano. The valley is still partly flooded by lava river, remaining of the last eruption of 1944. You will pass through bends surrounded by pine forests and reach an open space with pyroclastic deposits. Subsequently, after a short distance you will find yourself in a camp of Ginestre where you’ll se where the lava went out from. At this point, you’ll take the road Matrone and will enter the Valley of Hell. Going up, stop for a while to take a look at Cognoli Levante on which there is the most beautiful formation of lava string of Vesuvius. Duration: almost a whole day.

Campi Flegrei

After a trip to Mount Vesuvius  how to resist the charm of the Campi Flegrei? They are located about 10 kilometers from Pompeii in the North East of Naples. They form a large volcanic area with small craters that are still active. It is not a coincidence that the name Campi Flegrei derives from the greek  “Flègo” that means “I burn”. If you are a lover of history and nature you can not miss to visit this place. I want to propose you two routes:

  • Solfatara of Pozzuoli:  you’ll get there straight to the heart of the Phlegrean area. In Solfatara you’ll find a volcano about 4 million years old, striking the first encounter with the crater: the bottom is a blinding white, gas and fumes are emitted at high temperature, it will offer you strong emotions and some scientific thinking, why not. At the edge of the crater you’ll see colonies of algae and remains of mining activities over time.
  • Monte Nuovo and Lago D’Aveno: you can see two nearby volcanoes that with their eruptions have changed the geography of the area. Monte Nuovo is the youngest volcano in Europe and the center of a natural oasis, you will depart from here to begin your trip. Later, along the mountain ridge, you will cross a path surrounded by the Mediterranean and will arrive on the shores of Lake D’Aveno volcanic. Praised by Homer and Virgil, it was considered the entrance of Hades. On the eastern shore there is the Temple of Apollo, huge spa area. Duration of tours: for each, from three hours to half a day.

The path of the Gods

An excursion to Heaven, this is the impression that you have when you walk along this scenic walkway along the Amalfi Coast. The trail begins in the village of Agerola, famous for its production of mozzarella, and ends in the hamlet of Nocelle in Positano. About mozzarella, do not forget to taste them, maybe eating them during the track facing a breathtaking view. You know that you can also see the fascinating silhouette of Capri?

The first section begins by Colle Serra, almost immediately you will find a fountain to restore you. Below you’ll see the Convent of San Domenico and a thick vegetation of strawberry trees, holm oaks and rosemary. Do not panic if suddenly your way will be cut by some lively goat grazing, they are usual in these areas. In front of you will take turns uphill, downhill and splendid views of the sea. You’ll pass through Vallone Grarelle to the village of Nocelle in Arienzo. To get there you can decide whether to stop and take the bus or take 1,500 steps and give yourself a refreshing bath taking advantage of the nearby beach. Duration: about 3 hours

Excursion on Monte Faito

Yes, it is possible to reach the summit of Mount Faito in the heart of the Sorrento Peninsula. Imposing and proud neighbor of the Vesuvius, it offers a wooded coolness of the altitude. From its peak it will seem you can touch the sky with a finger.

Along the trail in several places you can enjoy spectacular views: sea, land and Vesuvius alone on the horizon. A vision that will blow your mind. Mount Faito is part of the mountain range of Lattari, with its 1,131 meters is one of the highest peaks along with Monte Molar, said so because of the characteristic shape, up 1,444 meters even exceeds Vesuvius. The routes to choose from are so many, there is for example a hiking trail that starts from Monte Faito and ends at Mount Molar

The path is rather steep, but you wont feel more the fatigue once with a glance you can embrace the Gulf of Naples. The trail also offers panoramic views of the Gulf of Salerno. Duration: about 3 hours

Pompeii is also ideal for hiking on Mount Vesuvius: choose the one that suits your tastes. If you have any suggestions tell your story in the comments. And do not forget to take a look to our guide to Pompeii, packed with useful information.

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