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The three days of Pompeii: Alberto Angela retraces the last tragic moments of the destroyed city

Omnibus pompeianis feliciter!

This is how Alberto Angela’s latest work opens up: the result of a twenty-year study on the ruins of Pompeii, conducted with dedication and passion, which revealed many other details regarding the catastrophe of 79 AD

“Happiness to all the Pompeians” therefore, that once again, glad and proud, hear about the prestige and beauty of their epic city.

[cml_media_alt id='4329']L'incontro con l'autore[/cml_media_alt]

L’incontro con l’autore

Angela presented his latest book “The Three Days of Pompeii” last Friday (November 2014) at the Feltrinelli in Naples Piazza dei Martiri. Hundreds of fans lined up to listen to him and hope to return home with the autographed copy of the book – which literally snapped up on the shelves only a few minutes after the presentation. The team of Pompeiitaly couldn’t miss it and, of course, we could not refuse to bring our autographed copy at home as a trophy.

The crowd is eagerly waiting, all lined up with the text under the arm, we assist to the presentation of the work by the author, who, without too many words, explains how important the heritage that we cherish and how deeply he is in love with it.

Pompeii is a unique place that nobody can copy. A place that always reveals new and particular truths to be discovered. A book still to be read

The author has retraced the last moments of the existence of the city of Pompeii following the traces of seven survivors of the catastrophe of Mount Vesuvius and descending into their shoes: a noblewoman and her slave, a young politician, a businessman, a banker, a freedman, the owner of a rich rustic villa and a writer: Pliny the Elder.

When you walk in this city, you have the impression that the Romans have only been away for a few hours. This site is a frame of history. That’s the reason why I decided to tell the last moments of Pompeii through the history of survivors, of living people.

[cml_media_alt id='4331']"Agli amici di Pompeiitaly.org, con simpatia, ALberto Angela"[/cml_media_alt]

“To friends of Pompeiitaly.org, with sympathy, Alberto Angela”

This book is a real journey in ancient Pompeii, a journey that leads us to discover the alleys, houses and people, furnishings and pastimes of the ancient Pompeians. It opens up many new horizons regarding the reconstruction of the events of that 79 AD and at the same time debunks many “Hollywood myths”, as he calls them smiling while explaining that, for example, the typical scene of the erupting of the Vesuvius crater is only the result of mere cinematographic imagination. As we had read in a previous article, that “cone” that today we call “Vesuvius” did not exist at all 2000 years ago!

The most amazing of the suppositions concerns the true date of the explosion of Vesuvius: it would not in fact take place in August: the last three days of Pompeii would go back to 23-25 ​​October. It was possible to get to this deduction thanks to important findings that would suggest that the lava of the great Vesuvius petrified the city during an autumn: exceptionally preserved nuts and dried figs, remains of harvest …

And then scenes of everyday life, idioms, affections and plots: a real immersion in a world so ancient but so surprisingly close to us.

But it’s not my intention to make you spoilers 🙂

The Three Days of Pompeii” è a brilliant popularizing novel that blends with science and a refined narrative ability that kidnaps the reader from the very first lines.

As a Pompeian and passionate about the subject, I feel I have to thank Alberto Angela for the interest, love and commitment shown in the study of our beautiful Pompeii.

Alberto Angela’s book is available on Amazon both in eBook format and in paper version.


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