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Rules and Tips to photograph the ruins of Pompeii

Teatro Grande Pompei Scavi

Visit our beautiful Italy often means to admire unique monuments in the world that trigger an uncontrollable desire to photograph ’em to bring them with you in all their beauty.

The Archaeological site of Pompeii is undoubtedly one of the most appropriate examples: every year, in fact this place of extraordinary charm is the subject of an infinite number of shots.

The problem, however, is that monuments can not always be freely photographed, as these archaeological sites can not only be subject to the laws of the State which protect them, but also to those of the same site, the museum, of the Architectural area.

Here, then, I have prepared for you, this helpful guide with rules and tips to photograph the ruins of Pompeii.

Respect the rules into the site of Pompeii

Italian law on this subject is vast, as is often the case, difficult to be fully and in detail known.

There are, however, some basic rules to know to avoid unpleasant mishaps, and to know what to do if it is alleged to have taken a picture.

We consider here the case of Pompeii that is managed by the Archaeological Special Superintendence and it is also a World Heritage Site.

First we must make a clear distinction between the photograph taken for private purposes and those intended instead to publication for commercial purposes.

In general, when it comes to a private picture, there should be no problem, as it does not affect anyone’s privacy, even though, in the photo were no other people, or at least visiting tourists in the same archaeological site.

The important thing is not to be published with the data which can help to demonstrate the identity of those persons unless authorized by them.

The speech in any case is quite simple, if you consider that the excavations of Pompeii are on public land, and accessible to all, and that the subject to be photographed may of course include other people.

What is important, however, it is well read up on the rules that are made known at the entrance of the excavations of Pompeii and, in general, of all the cultural sites. They may in fact differ in part from those state, perhaps to better protect an artistic asset, and therefore be subject to additional restrictions.

Then informed about the prohibitions, because you may be liable to a heavy fine if you respect the rules of procedure.

Photographing archaeological areas for private pics or for publication

It ‘important to distinguish on the equipment used to photograph archaeological sites like Pompeii.

An ordinary camera, a smartphone or a tablet does not involve any problem, unless there is a ban on using the flash. If you are equipped with professional equipment it can cause problems, because it is not always possible to rest the stand on the ground. You can get around this by using a certain model of stand which can be placed directly on the feet, avoiding use of the soil where it is forbidden.

The problems start if you are caught red-handed instead to take a photo with the tripod and assuming that it can be used for the sale or publication, you can incur a hefty fine.

If you photograph Pompeii for  professional purposes I suggest you, therefore, to request prior authorization for the Special Superintendence for the ruins of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia and then deliver the copy of the picture specifying the method of use.

The law provides for the protection of the images of archaeological sites for publication in scientific, educational, or marketing, and this provides for the payment of a certain sum according to the tariff of Cultural Heritage.

Here you can find more information and forms for authorizations.

If you do not provide to the necessary approvals and you come marked by a guardian or an officer of Pompeii  you’ll  pay a large fee and a warning that will make you fall into a “black list”, so you may have some problems with access other sites of cultural interest being among those whose management is entrusted to the state.

Tips on how to photograph the ruins of Pompeii

Strade di Pompei

Foto di @ciarax70

Once you have determined to photograph safely during your visit to the ruins of Pompeii you can devote to achieving your “photo shoot”. Now I want to give you some tips on how to take really beautiful pictures.

The first important tip is to never click a picture when the sun is in front, because the subject would be too dark, then left the sun at your back for maximum light possible.

Take more pictures with the same shot so pick the one you like best, even from different angles.

A beautiful photo, first borns in the mind of a careful observer, then the inspiration of the place. To “tell” the ruins of Pompeii, through photography, you should make several photos of monuments, starting from the general (the set) to finish the particular and different focal points. The beauty and quality of the photos of course also depend on the level of equipment: the more professional (including the stand) and the result will be more special. However smartphones of recent times, although not professional, can give very satisfactory results. If the subject is the single monument just consider what surrounds it, putting it at the center of the lens and enhance it with elements of nature, a statue, a special, etc. If instead, you must calculate also the presence of people, just decide the angle and the background and more will be done to obtain a truly exclusive image.

The best moment to take pictures

After choosing the subject and the frame, the important thing is to assess the light and then to choose the best time to photograph. The morning light of a sunny day is clear, crisp, perfect to focus cleanly all the features of such ancient beauty. The afternoon is to click the “warm and muffled” where one senses more calm around, especially at sunset, where everything is enhanced with a unique, orange, smooth light. In the evening, it is particularly suitable for the romantic pics, in fact with just a little light you’ll have the atmosphere of chiaroscuro to highlight a particular and to create a unique click.

Selfie in the ruins of Pompeii

Instagram Pompei

Now  we all practice the fashion of selfie  and you can not certainly make you miss the chance to take a selfie with the iphone or smartphone in the excavations of Pompeii. The best way to take a selfie in the excavations of Pompeii is to get a “selfie-stick” on which to hang the phone to get a shot from further away, and then your own pictures in the foreground in the background that makes the monuments visible and identifiable.

Where to shot a selfie in Pompeii? I suggest to the court, or in the streets of Pompeii … inevitable selfie at the entrance of the Ruins! After you’ve taken some great pictures, do not forget to share it on your social channels to let your friends know that you have been to Pompeii.

The last advice for you: public the more suggestive photos of Instagram by adding the hashtag #pompeiitaly #pompei #igerscampania #dafareinCampania.

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