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“CAVE CANEM!”: the house of the tragic Poet in Pompeii

Well not, we are not in the famous tv show of Michele Santoro to debate of public service with politicians and Italian entrepreneurs, we will not be forced to hold head to the satiric comedians who defy with harangues, but we are looking to one of the more famous and only mosaics of the history: Cave Canem!


The famous mosaic that warns us to beware of dog is to the income of a domus called House of the tragic poet. The reception is not the best, of course, it inspires some fear thinking that could break out suddenly from the triclinium a dog to greet us! But no the fear and let’s cross the main door.

The house: great beauty in small spaces

Among the domus of Pompeii, the House of the tragic Poet is not sure between the widest, but it hides in its humble insides unique beauties – yeah, the best things come in the smallest packages!

[cml_media_alt id='5263']Sacrificio di Ifigenia[/cml_media_alt]

Sacrificio di Ifigenia

Richly and fine decorated, this dwelling accommodates some between the most beautiful paintings of the archaeological site. The paintings are in mythological subject and in the income entrance hall we already find spectacular representations, such as Zeus and Hera and Achille and Briseide.

Once in the peristyle you can admire in all the Sacrifice of Ifigenia and, the vicissitude of Alcesti, a beautiful and deep love story from the Greek mythology. In short, not bad for being a modest home in spite of the great Pompeian Villas! And right now, we know that the biggest beauty can be found in the smallest things.

[cml_media_alt id='5265']La vicenda di Alcesti[/cml_media_alt]

Il mito di Admeto e Alcesti

Beware of Dog!

Beyond to wonderful paintings, in this domus we find some spectacular mosaics. The same name of the house derives from the emblema in mosaic of the tablinium, representing a teatrale test of a satiresco chorus. This mosaic, like many other pompeian beauties, is currently conserved at the Archaeological Museum of Naples.
The most famous mosaic between all is that one of the Cave Canem. It is not rare to find in ancient residences of the weel-off people roman this type of decoration on the wall of income, but the particularity is in the presence of the maxim Cave Canem that has become proverbial.

We find again this monito also in the literary sources, like in the likeable episode of the Satyricon di Petronio, in which the protagonist is scared by the great painted dog. In the event of the protagonist of the story it was be a matter of I fresco, but it is not  saying that the fact did not refer exactly to our pompeian mosaic.

In my personal list it classifies very high among the greatest beauties of Pompeii… but I wont reveal you my classifies! But what about you? What domus are the greatest beauties of Pompeii?

To you the answer 😉





Now a little virtual tour 🙂





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