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What to see in Maiori

Have you decided to spend your September holidays at Pompeii ruins? You could not resist the sweet climate and the almost private atmosphere that you breathe only in this month, right? Almost everyone has returned to work and you can enjoy the beauty of this city on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius in complete tranquility.

Your eyes always fly to the Amalfi coast, precisely in Maiori, gem embraced by the sea? Well, reach it out. From Pompeii it is easy to reach the seaside resorts in the Gulf of Naples. Just one day in enough to discover the treasures of this Unesco-listed town in 1997.

Maiori between ancient and modern

Maiori – whose name was originally Reghinna Majorha- has a romantic atmosphere, a oasis for your soul where time does never stop to flow. It will charm you with its landscapes, its monuments and its beach, the largest one of all the Coast.

The founders of the city are not yet well known. Some scholars argue that it was the Greeks, other Romans. There are even those who say that the birth of Maiori is due to the Lombard Prince Siccardo.

In any case, Maiori was the favorite scenography of Director Roberto Rossellini, the city appeared as a backdrop in many works that bear his signature including Paisà, Amore and La macchia ammazzacattivi.

Discovering its monuments

The most interesting monuments are located in the heart of the historic centre: the centre of boulevard Regina there’s Mezzocapo Palace, former residence of the Marquis Mezzocapo and current headquarters of the municipal offices. The entrance is marked by marble stairs leading to the upper floors. If you love art stay for a while in the rooms to admire the frescoes by the painter Ludwig. Next to the entrance there are the grounds laid out in the shape of a cross.

There is still much to discover in Maiori, take a look at the Castello di San Nicola De Thoro-Plano. This huge structure with nine semi circular towers dates back to medieval times and dominates the entire city, it was built to defend the city from the lombard assaults. The castle is surrounded by massive walls and inside there are loopholes, warehouses, cisterns and a church dedicated to St Michael.

Other famous monument for its size is the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare on Mount Torina. The Church dates from 1529 but it was restored several times. The statue of the Virgin was saved from the waters, was found on the beach of Maiori in 1204.

This work was stolen from Constantinople and thrown into the sea to make lighter the load of a ship. Today the sculpture is found on the main altar of the sanctuary and every 15 August they celebrate a procession in its honor. Instead the coffered ceiling covering the nave was created by Alessandro De Fulco, a Neapolitan painter.

Lil’ curiosity: in the cripta are guarded the remains of Saint Clemente. One more thing: stop to observe the monumental polyphonic organ built by Zeno Fedeli.

Beauties of the Coast: the Cave of Pandora

I know, you are imagining to be on the beach of Maiori to enjoy the sun and some dive in the limpid water of the Amalfi Coast. This area is rich of bathing establishments and restaurants. If you prefer free beaches you’ll also find, on the two sides of the shore, free spaces and a parking.

There are also more intimate localities of sea like the bay of Salicerchie and Cala Bellavaia. Also the areas of Badia and Capo d’orso deserve a visit, covered from throats and cliffs with particular figures. I suggest you to enjoy a boat trip and to visit the Cove of Pandora, little far from Maiori.

Maiori at the table

Many are the typical specialties that will delight your palate. Try the “menesta mmaretata”, a tasty encounter of sea and mounts, or fresh fava beans and “fellateof capicollo and soppressate. Don’t leave Maiori without having tasted the aubergines with chocolate to which is dedicated also a festival. Taste these dishes with the wines of the place: the Amalfi coast White or rosé wines. You’ll see, they will elevate the quality of these traditional dishes.

Events in Maiori

If you love the cinema, don’t you miss the Prize Rossellini in October. Wine is your passion? Then you can’t miss the exhibition Wine and Music between June and July: you will taste all the delicacies of Campania accompanied by the most wanted nectar of the gods.
In addition to cinema and good food, Maiori is also music. Jazz music to be precise, with the International Festival of Jazz on The Coast. Right, the streets of the city become an open air stage.

How to get to Maiori

  • From Naples by train: take the Circumvesuviana local train at central station in piazza Garibaldi and stop in Sorrento. Take the SITA bus headed in Maiori.
  • From Naples by car: take the A3, it takes just over an hour to arrive.
  • From Pompeii by car: take the A3, it takes less than an hour.

Your opinion

After Capri, Anacapri and Sorrento, Maiori is another seaside resort waiting to be discovered. What are you waiting for? One more thing: download our tourist kit, the perfect guide to find your way around Pompeii and surroundings. If you have already visited Maiori share your experience in the comments!

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