Pompei Sea

Visiting Pompeii and the seaside

Relax, float, breathe. Can’t you hear that noise around when you’re lying in the sea, a feeling of nostalgia and relax, like being in your mother’s womb?
The sea.

Stephen Littleword

You won’t find other web sites that will tell you about “Pompeii sea” and that’s why I want to explain exactly what I will tell you in this section of our blog about Pompeii.


The ancient Pompeii stood in a strategic area, located on a promontory dominating the sea and the nearby port, just outside the walls, that allowed profitable trades.
During the tragic eruption of 79, many inhabitants sought refuge on the beach waiting in vain for relief supplies by sea.

Pompeii today is a few kilometers far from the sea but it is still in a strategic position in the middle of an area known worldwide for priceless beauty.

Pompeii can be the ideal base for visiting the most popular beach destinations such as Sorrento, the Amalfi coast, Capri and Ischia because it is well connected by public transports3 train stations, 2 highways – and it is among the cheapest destinations of Italy – Trivago 2013 rankings.

I will be with you in your visits around Pompeii, searching for evocative panoramas and breathtaking views of our Tyrrhenian Sea; I will indicate you how to arrive to Sorrento, to Naples, to Salerno, to the Amalfi Coast, how much time to dedicate to the excursions but above all I will tell you about the less famous but special places, far from the routes of the mass tourism where I, who live in this territory, love spending my days of relax.
Reading my topics and all the other articles on pompeiitaly.org, you will receive useful information and interesting ideas for your a great vacation to Pompeii, to the sea side or city, that will make your trip unforgettable, you can bet!

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